Mental Health Support

The emotional well-being of learners is extremely important to us.  We believe it is just as important as academic progress and we ensure that we monitor it effectively.

We have a member of staff who is the Lead for Learner Welfare who works with learners to ensure they feel safe and secure at our centres.  Our mental health strategy underpins our work to ensure individual learner needs are met, safeguarding is effective and that mental health support is accessible to all.   

Mentoring, listening and nurturing is embedded throughout our daily teaching and support.  Our OCR accredited Life and Living sessions provide opportunities for learners to develop their emotional literacy, self awareness and resilience.

Talking therapy is always on hand to support learners in understanding and managing their feelings.   Weekly counselling is available along with a variety of therapeutic activities such as our successful music sessions which provide alternative ways to express and explore emotions and develop self esteem and confidence.

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