Monitoring Progress

When a learner is referred to us their school will pass on previous assessment information, the levels at which they are currently working and predicted grades.

We then undertake further assessments during the induction period. Once this is completed, learners will work together with their tutor on making an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

During each session the work is marked and direct feedback is provided, ensuring all learners have the necessary information and guidance in order to improve their work.

We case review each learner regularly, implementing strategies for progress. This also means we can identify any needs and tailor our support and interventions accordingly.

Attendance, behaviour and performance is logged in our cloud based Inclusion Suite, allowing schools to monitor their learner’s live progress securely. 

We actively encourage parent and school involvement with each learner’s education. We hold review meetings,  provide reports and are available during school hours to discuss concerns and feedback achievements.

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