Our Teaching Values

We ensure every learner feels listened to and is understood, personally and educationally. Our learning environments are designed to be safe, calm and supportive.

It is important that our teaching groups are small, often 1:1, enabling our staff to provide the necessary support required for each learner to achieve and progress. It is also important to us that learners attending our provision are able to socialise with peers and spend time with positive role models.

Learners are supported by experienced teaching staff and support workers who have achieved success with learners from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

We focus on providing individual academic and holistic emotional support to learners. This equips them with the skills, self-belief and motivation required to make positive changes and achieve qualifications.

Learners may then be able to return to mainstream school or continue with us to prepare for college or other Post 16 pathways.

Are there any challenges Inclusion have helped you overcome?

“I never thought I’d be able to cope with exam pressure. Sitting an exam felt very difficult to me before. I wasn’t confident answering questions but now I feel much more confident.”

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