Pastoral Support

Our care and support for learners goes beyond what is available at our centres.  Learners are supported from point of referral, with escorted visits to our centres, through to the transition back to school or on to college.  We offer learners support at meetings they may need to attend or interviews as they progress.

We are able to work closely with parents and carers to ensure they are included in the referral process and at all learner reviews. Support with learner attendance can be given to families when necessary and we can also support parents at agency meetings.

Our dedicated Pastoral Manager has the time to ensure learners and parents feel fully supported.

Jane Gardner

Jane Gardner

Pastoral Manager

My role is to support learners and families across all services.  I am involved with the referral process, meeting learners in their school and also parents on a home visit.

I am the Inclusion Hampshire representative at any agency meetings in which families may be involved and will offer support and mediation to best serve the needs of the learner.

I also provide support with the return to school,transititon to college, or other opportunities.

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