POST-16 Timetable


Employability and work Skills

Living in the wider world: skills for employment and career progression

  • Identifying strengths and interests
  • Learning about work/life balance and different types of work
  • Developing realistic career and professional goals
  • Exploring possible career options
  • Researching possible college choices
  • College open days
  • CV’s, personal statements and covering letters
  • Understanding and identifying appropriate, confident body language and behaviour
  • Economic well-being


Social Skills and OCR Life and Living

Health and well-being: healthy lifestyles strategies to safeguard emotional and mental health

  • Building self esteem through self awareness
  • Learning strategies to promote perseverance, adaptability and resilience
  • Developing attributes, skills and understanding which contribute to a healthy self – concept in the face of challenges
  • Learning how to identify effects of stress and how to manage it.
  • Well being action plan
  • Learning how to access relevant support
  • Relationships: managing relationships challenges
  • Personal values & assertive communication
  • Health and well being: taking responsibility for health choices
  • Staying safe


OCR Functional Skills Maths & English

Accredited OCR Maths and English

  • Functional Skills
  • Pre Entry and Entry Levels
  • Levels 1 & 2


Accredited OCR Maths and English 1:1 Tuition


Music Technology and 1:1 Emotional well-being Sessions

  • Exploring Music and Sound
  • Using technology
  • Life Coaching
  • Counselling


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