Pre 16 Home Learning Package

In light of the government measures in place in response to Covid-19, the Inclusion Hampshire team have developed a bespoke home learning package for each of our learners. 

This package of measures may evolve over the coming weeks and we will keep you updated on any changes. 

Beginning from Monday 23 March 2020, our Virtual School package will include:

  • Access to Seneca Learning, an online learning platform, for all year groups
  • A bespoke selection of printed learning resources (posted Friday 20 March)
  • 1-1 timetabled tutor support by email
  • A weekly phone call from a member of our pastoral and therapeutic team 


Seneca Learning 

Every Learner has been contacted by a member of the team with details on how to set up and access Seneca Learning – an online platform. This can be accessed by laptop/computer or phone. 

Tutors will be setting assignments which learners will see when they log in and it is important to balance their time between English and Math.  Students and tutors will be able to see how they are progressing. 

Bespoke Home Learning Package

Tutors have developed a personalised learning package for each of our learners based on their needs and current progress. 

There are some who find it more difficult to access online learning or do not have access to laptops/computers. The work provided here will be extremely important to these learners to ensure they are still able to continue their education.

Timetabled Tutor Support

Tutors will contact learners at the scheduled times they were due to attend Inclusion Hampshire. For example, if they were scheduled to attend between 2-4pm on a Monday, they should expect an email from their timetabled tutor at 2pm. This tutor will be on hand for this two-hour period to offer teaching and support with either Seneca Learning or the Home Learning package. 

Similarly, tutors will also be providing additional work online, as appropriate. 

It is important that learners maintain the structure they would normally have been provided by their timetable to ensure continuity and familiarity. However, we do acknowledge that this is not always possible. Tutors will be available throughout the day (10am-4pm) should a learner not be able to reply to an email during their timetabled session but please be aware that tutors will prioritise the learners they are timetabled to see. 

Pastoral & Therapeutic Support

Many of you will have already received a phone call from one of our dedicated Pastoral & Therapeutic team. This support and contact will continue throughout this period. 

As with the tutor support, this will take place during a learner’s timetabled session. For example, if they were due to see James on a Thursday between 10am-11am, they should expect a phone call during this time.

Please note, tutor and support team phone calls will appear as “caller unknown” (or similar). Please check the timetable you have been provided with each day, or contact our Head of Pre 16 Education, Mattew Atkinson, to confirm the time that this should take place.

If a member of our team is unable to reach someone at the first attempt, they will try to do so on a different day. 

In some cases, learners may be scheduled to see two members of the therapeutic team, however if you would prefer to only speak to one member of staff, please confirm this with them so they can inform their colleague.  

 We are aware that online learning is not the ideal situation for some of our learners. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain contact with our team to ensure that this period of disruption does not adversely affect each learner’s progress they have made during their time at Inclusion Hampshire.

We will be reviewing our Virtual School package regularly to see what is most effective for our learners. We would appreciate feedback from learners and yourselves to help us provide the best support we can. 

We thank you for your support during this uncertain and challenging time.  

The team will continue to keep in touch but please do contact Matt on with any queries or concerns. 


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